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Writing for Newsletters

You won't get it RIGHT if you don't know how to WRITE!

In much the same way as with web copy, Web Workshop can assist you with Newsletter content.

Business people are drowning under a deluge of unwanted spam, therefore if you want people to read your newsletter, you had better make sure that it is informative and concise.

Newsletters should be interesting but to the point

It is vital to arouse interest by targeting a specific audience, providing accurate, and interesting content, and giving it an "attention-grabbing" headline.

Don't fall into the trap of using technical, jargon-filled sentences.

Keep it light and easy to read, and provide links to your website and/or other useful sites, if you think your reader might want more in-depth information.

Ensure a loyal readership

A consistently good newsletter will guarantee you a loyal readership, but you have to get it right the first time or you will be deleted and classified as junk in two seconds flat!

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